GEORGE’ S WAY - FULL BODY WORKOUT - Adjustable Smart Dumbbells
These Adjustable Smart Dumbbells are (believe me) another brilliant top one choice, solution for you to achieve your fitness goal!
GEORGE’S WAY Adjustable Smart Dumbbells it’s specially designed to enable  full amount of exercises with a wide range of motion , so you can work any muscle group in your body.


  • Save space and save money with 15 different weight settings on each dumbbell. No need to purchase an entire set of dumbbells anymore, and no need to worry about where to store all of your weights. GEORGE’S WAY Adjustable Smart Dumbbells takes care of that


  • Versatile in design, simply select the weight you want with a simple turn of a dial for a quick and easy weight changes. Each dumbbell adjusts from just 2.5kg to 24kg.


Safety and stability, the dumbbell chassis and plate lock together securely with a robustly engineered plate-locking mechanism, rotatable only once the dumbbell is returned to its dock


The contoured soft grip non-slip handle provides comfortable and secure grip control. Made from heavy-duty laser cut silicone steel that does not rust or fade. Strong moulding encapsulate the durable plates to provide a smooth lift off and quieter workout.
COUNTLESS EXERCISES - specially designed and includes all the necessary recommended weights for all your muscle groups and making this suitable for any fitness level. Whether you want you can complete a full body workout for - Strength, Tonus, Hypertrophy, Muscle Endurance, HIIT) , or to work on just one muscle group at a time. (Isolate and focus only on one muscle )


COMPACT AND PORTABLE - easily and compactly folds up for easy storage.

Thank You ! Kind regards George PT

George's Way | Home Fitness Adjustable Smart Dumbbells | 2.5kg to 24kg

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